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About us

At MTE Heat Treatment Ltd we provide sub-contract services for the heat treatment and surface engineering of metals. We are based in over 30,000 sq ft of custom designed facilities in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire with easy access to the motorway network.

The layout of our plant has been designed to provide the most efficient work flows across the broad range of processes carried out by the company. The facilities have been equipped with high quality plant and machinery employing the latest technology in terms of equipment and testing facilities. Our continuous improvement program ensures the facilities are maintained to the highest standard. The work force is highly trained and qualified, benefiting from over 70 years of gear manufacturing and heat treatment experience onsite.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, focused on meeting and exceeding your requirements. Our objective is to be a seamless part of your supply chain, providing a rapid and quality assured response to your needs.

We service a broad customer base, including the automotive and heavy automotive sectors, marine, energy and precision engineering industries.