Induction Hardening

Induction hardening is a process for the selective surface hardening of steel products. It is capable of being used on a wide range of components, from motor drive shafts to drive gears. The process is precisely controlled and involves the application of an alternating magnetic field to the component via an inductor to heat the required surface area to a temperature within or above the transformation range followed by immediate quenching.

The physical properties of the component’s core remain unaffected by the hardening process. Meltham Thermal Engineers utilises the latest technology in a range of medium to high frequency machines with both single shot and scanning capabilities.

MachinesPower SupplyFrequency
150 kW450 kHz
1100 kW10 kHz
1150 kW10 kHz
1300 kW7-10 kHz
1500 kW7-10 kHz
A comprehensive range of fixtures is available to process gears and shafts
Max Heat Treated Length900mm35”
Max Diameter300mm12”